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PALette T-Bar Storage Solution

Meet the PALette T-Bar Storage System from Csource. 12 full sets of SturdyLock™ T-Bars easily disassemble to conveniently store in a 40" x 48" steel PALette. And that's not all — the nearly indestructible PALette easily accommodates 6 Csource T-Bar shelves with room to spare, and the handy tool bin will keep your wrenches right at hand.

The bottom line: A cost effective solution to T-Bar merchandising and storage that not only works and looks great, but will stay that way for years to come. The super smart PALette from Csource — now that's thinking.

PALette mobility  
"No more stacks of fully welded T-Bars rusting away out back or taking up valuable backroom storage space."

The durable, all steel PALette can be accessed from all sides allowing for quick and easy maneuverability anywhere in the warehouse. And speaking of efficiencies, with spare T-Bars safely and conveniently stored in the PALette you'll never again have to just make do or go without.


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